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08-01-2013, 10:28 AM
I have been a long player of Rift, which is made by Trion and think its awesome! Is this game any good? Was thinking of getting it on the PS3. Whats the community like? Do i need a headset or something for the ps3?

08-01-2013, 11:30 AM
Before all the trolls get on here and tell you what a POS Defiance is and that Trion is a joke, let me tell you the game is not too bad. Yes it has its bugs and there is sometimes a lot of lag at ArkFall. There is the random DC’s problems, but other than that it is not a bad game. If you get in and get into a Clan that is good it can be a blast to play. As far as having a headset for the PS3 yes it does help to be able to talk to others, but not needed. If it is a matter of cost you can use a Bluetooth for a cell phone or you can get a headset at GameStop for around $15.00. If you do get defiance and need help in the game you are welcome to look me up. Anyone in our clan will be willing to help you in game. Hope to see you soon.

08-01-2013, 11:37 AM
I have been playing on the Xbox since game launch. I just swapped my Xbox for a PS3 and the first thing I did was make sure I had a copy of Defiance. Personally I love this game.

08-01-2013, 11:39 AM
I have been playing on the Xbox since game launch. I just swapped my Xbox for a PS3 and the first thing I did was make sure I had a copy of Defiance. Personally I love this game.

I have to agree. it is the only game i play currently. We have a good clan of guys and girls that do lots of fun stuff and make the game a blast. if you are on the NA server hope to see you in the game..

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08-01-2013, 11:40 AM
Depends I say on you style of gameplay.

08-01-2013, 12:01 PM
I hardly ever do this cuz' I think it's lame to quote yourself but I'd rather not type it out again >.>

Get it if you played Borderlands and ya' liked it. Get it cuz' it's cheap atm. Don't get it if you're looking for a gear progression styled MMO. Don't get it if you think elves will prance around with their Double G jumblies spilling out of their loosely stitched armor. Get it if you like to shoot stuff moar deaderz. Don't get it if you're looking for a deep social link. Get it if you prefer to be good cuz' you use Aim verses good cuz' you ground out 15 hours last friday in a dungeon raid and converted your tokens into a shiny +3 shoulder pad of ultimate resounding fortitude.

That said... It's a shooter hangin' out in an MMO. It's a lil' rough atm with certain things like the chat system not working at all with what you might be used to, but it is a decent game that rewards skill over lewt. You may have a shiny new Legendary AR, but if you all you do is spray & pray then you're still gonna' faceplant ingame.

08-01-2013, 12:02 PM
I literally play every single night. Love the game
just ignore all the forum haters, and you'll have fun. They always add new content and have fun weekend events, like bonuses or challenger races.

08-01-2013, 02:47 PM
i think its cool, I've meet a lot of people and moist of them r ok. good game over all just the dc's are horrible, at least for me. if you wish i could send you a clan invite so where you could group with some decent people. just look for anyone with the Merchant Of Death signature over there toon.

08-01-2013, 03:01 PM
It's a really fun game with a litany of problems and is short on content too. Could and hopefully will be so much better in the future.

08-01-2013, 05:54 PM
It's a good game w/ a few issues that are apparently being looked into. It's not a game intended for extreme depth but it's a fun game to play none-the-less. If you are looking for an MMORPG than this isnt it, but if looking for a shooter with social aspects and stuff to do then by all means give it a shot.

08-01-2013, 06:10 PM
i Have been playing since May, and i LOVE this game it has its issues, mostly the constant disconnecting but whatever its still a good game, i even brought the Ultimate Edition and the Limited Edition :)