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03-29-2013, 05:17 PM
i got an email with the preorder code for the ultimate edition from amazon dose that mean i can play the game when it comes out now or do i have to wait for the physical copy

03-29-2013, 05:43 PM
I ordered the game thru Trion's own web site, and i got the email receipt, but no key code. It shows I have the game Defiance PC, along with Defiance Alpha and Defiance Beta, are all listed under "Managed Games".

Under Transactions, it shows i preordered the game om 3-23-2013.

So where was my preorder game code?

I spent an hour digging thru the Trion web site, and eventually found this:

My Defiance preorder code is missing, what do I do?

If you purchased Defiance directly from Trion Worlds, the code has been automatically applied to your account upon purchase. However, if you purchased from a third party retailer, you should have received a code from the retailer. This code can sometimes be located on your receipt.

For PC Players

If you purchased your copy of Defiance directly from Trion Worlds your code will automatically be applied to your account.
If you purchased from a Third Party Retailer then you should have recieved a pre-order code to apply to your account to gain your Pre-order Items.

For Console Players

When you preorder a console version of Defiance from a retailer they should provide you with a pre-order code. This is usually on the receipt.
You can then take that code and apply it to your account to gain your Pre-order Items.

Once Code is Applied

Once you have applied either your PC or Console code to gather your pre-order incentives just complete the tutorial with any character then bring up the pause menu go to the 'Defiance Store' and collect your pre-order items from the 'Claim Items' section.

If you're still having trouble with your preorder code, you can contact us.