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Steve Harris
08-06-2013, 11:56 AM
I somehow joined a clan at some point (Clan A) and decided tat I didn't want to commit to all of their actions, so I left. After leaving, I still recieved all of their chatter. I made a new clan (B) myself and even picked up a bunch of members, but I still get clan A's chatter. What's worse is I can't chat or recieve chat from my current clan (B). Clan A gets all of my clan chat messages, so I can't communicate with my own clan (B). What's worse is I don't even show up in clan A's cache, so they can't invite me to join in for certain social pursuits, and I can't talk to my actual clan (B) to get them to join up or do anything.

I'm in clan limbo, is there a fix? Is this a known problem?

08-06-2013, 12:11 PM
I have seen this issue before. A leader of "clan a" needs to remove you from their clan under the social tab. You will not show up under the the quick links menu (d pad). But you are probably still listed on the full clan menu

Steve Harris
08-08-2013, 06:11 AM
Unfortunately, Clan A has so many members that nobody can scroll far enough down the list to reach my name. Here's what I tried:

I quit and disbanded Clan B (but still recieved chat from clan A). I then restarted Clan B, but the problem returned. I disbanded again.

I recieved an invte from Clan A, hit accept, but the tag didn't show up under my name, and it didn't show up that I was in a clan under the social menu. I tried logging out and back in, accepted the invite again but still nothing. It informs the player when I decline invites, but not when I accept them. Right now I've restarted Clan B again, so that I don't lose the name. The clan tag shows up and the social menu says I'm in Clan B, but I still can only send/recieve clan chat to Clan A. I'm just going to hold out until someone hopefully fixes the issue.