View Full Version : Tonight We Hunt : The VOLGE!

08-08-2013, 03:02 PM
Hey Arkhunters!

So, I've been just playing the game again and not focusing on the small stuff. ya I still get lockups. and stuff still happens... but I've found a nice little side mission, if you will. I've been soloing the volge emergencies... I have made the observation, that when I have another person there things go way better... the volge are easily distracted! one whistle from his peripheral, and he turns his flank to me and i blast his head! Solo, my best success was I finished only dieing twice. That is i died twice, and extracted and finished the job. Sounds crappy but there are like 7 volge per instance . I'm just wondering what things you know that I don't? where are they? is there a pastern to their spawns? Do they eat or sleep? Why do they cheat? (boss shoots and runs around corners). I will be on after 6 tonight and my character name is : X11ELEVEN11X . lets get them all!