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08-09-2013, 10:00 PM
Will update this thread routinely as I find bugs or have feedback.


The starter weapon nerf? bad idea. Those guns were not that great to begin with and it actually makes the start of the game more tedious. While I would normally welcome a difficulty change, making gun weaker does not make the game more difficult, just more tedious.

The SAW nerf? again, bad idea. The other LMGs are still terrible, and they need to be brought up, the SAW was fine the way it was.

Zone chat needs to be a different colour. It's almost too close to area chat and it's hard to tell the difference.

Castithan outfits are identical to human outfits. There is no difference like there is between irathient and human.


When respeccing, the ego grid would show the perks and ego skill still with points in them and you cannot equip new perks, it requires a log out to get it to work again.

Hydra starter gun (mass cannon basically) does not show the detonate graphic when it hits, however you will still take damage.

(will be updated routinely, this thread does not need commentary from others or bugs that they find, this is my own personal thread for this)

The first mission/event, get the med supplies, will stay up on your screen even when you leave the area and go to other missions/events, arkfalls.

/claninvite does not work, it will bring up your friends list when you do the message. At least it did when I tried to add someone to our clan.

People that were invited to the clan still have clan invite next to their name in the friend's list.

Did not receive +1 assault rifle bonus from arkfall codes in the claim section.

25552 string is missing error after completing tranquility sprint time trial, received silver, error popped up right before the rewards.

The chat window in the side does not show new messages even when viewing all, you have to bring up the window to actually see someone say something.

Crystal pond hidden vendor, the building where the blacklung spawns, the raptor will block the blacklung and get him stuck in the building, had to slowly melee him to death.

Mother of all hellbugs, we defeated the matron, and now it won't give us our reward or despawn the red circle.