View Full Version : Castithan starter outfits are different than the other two races.

08-11-2013, 12:33 AM
The starter outfits (outlaw, machinist, survivalist, veteran) are different from the other two races.
However, it still appears that the pursuit outfits are still identical to the human outfits.
The new DLC outfit is the same across all of the races and genders. Hopefully there will be some variations in the final version of the DLC because this doesn't appear to be a complete version.

Ego grid still looks the same as before, the UI looks the same as before, the salvage matrix looks the same as well. Unless that's another one of those features that just didn't finish in time and haven't told us yet. The chat overhaul looks nice, but it's broke worse than before. There's no difference in the clan/social functions either.