View Full Version : looking for a orange vbi tacc assault rifle

08-11-2013, 11:26 AM
i am looking for a orange vbi tacc assault rifle i will trade it for a frc heavy assault carbine and 90,000 scrip my ego is 1,603 psn is crazyklino in game is crazy sarah

08-12-2013, 07:34 AM
have one with ego 900+ and good rolls...idk, but after there were people at the start that offered me 5 oranges or some days ago 700k, i think you far away from what i would appreciate for it...i am searching vor a tachmag siphon...idk what has more worth, but for a gun like that with good stats, i would think about a trade...btw, have a tach fire atm, gave 6 oranges away for it...had a vbi ar, for which i gave a legendary shield, grind fragger, heavy scatter plus 60k...so, i'm not sure if you'll be successful with your offer, but wish you the best luck...maybe there are people, interested in your frc...to me, i totally dislike the scope on it...but, never give up ,) as i'm ego 3500+ and till now got only 2 crap oranges out of boxes, i can say, all possible with a little hard work ,)

Jimmy Dogg
08-12-2013, 07:47 AM
I've got a tacc Ian but it's way above your ego rating, somewhere in the 3000 ego bracket. But I'm interested in your heavy ar. Add me on Psn Jimmy-Dogg or in game jimmy Dogg.

Ikon I can't believe you've only ever had two oranges out of boxes :'( I got two yesterday out of 3 tier 4 boxes. All rubbish mind you but still orange

08-12-2013, 07:52 AM
it's true jimmy, that's why i absolutely can't understand where all the oranges are coming from...but it seems that i'm just the most unlucky guy in all paradise...started with nothing, traded my crap for lil better crap, bought guns, got a few from a friend, but now finally have something i'm happy about...btw, i'm the guy who would die for ur siphon tag :D would you think about trading it for my tacc, so you could trade mine for the frc of ian? just a thought :_) but again, idk how much you need/want his frc, but if much, it could be a possibility to make us all happy :_) lemme know if...and ian, you can say something too as you involved hahaha xD

btw, i decided yesterday to never ever ever spend my keys on tiers again, but mods...with a lil hope that there could be a lil more successful, as i'm broke and can't take it anymore to get disappointed over and over again^^ so many tier 4's, but til' now only the vbi tacc ar and an infector, i gave a friend as a gift, as i don't need them^^