View Full Version : [REQUEST] Increase Frequency of Sieges and DM Arkfalls for Alpha Server!

08-12-2013, 05:30 PM

If you are there and listening ( I know you are:)) I have a small request. You could please, if at all possible, increase the frequency of both Volge Sieges and Dark Matter Arkfalls for the Alpha Test Server only?

And if so, more Dark Matter Arkfalls in the Mount Tam, Marin, Madera, and Sausalito areas, as not many of us have made it to San Fran.

Since this is a large chunk of the new content being released with DLC, I feel it would greatly benefit you - the Devs - to increase the frequency of both events for us testers to really spend some time with.

Us testers have been experiencing bugs with both events, but sadly, they do not happen frequent enough for us to nail them down, and give you guys some solid feedback on.

All previous non-DLC content has been put through it paces already, what we - the testers - want, is to test the NEW CONTENT.

Thanks for Reading,