View Full Version : Anyone interested in a raffle for a VOT Nano Fragger???

08-12-2013, 07:54 PM
Ok, I did a raffle earlier and if was a bit of a success and someone walked away with a decent orange pistol for 15k. Time to try it out again, this time with a shotgun....

VOT Nano Fragger
EGO 4500
Nano: Electric
Syn: Outlaw(just one bonus)

EXP roll: +6% refresh self revive on a kill

-0.10 Recoil
15% grenade recharge on kill
x0.70 Reload

All slots are open

If you are interested, and assuming a few other people are too, I will start this raffle at 8:15 PST(roughly 25 mins)

Entries are 5K each and a max of 3 entries per person will be allowed.

My GT is Teamshizzy, let me know if you are interested.