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08-12-2013, 08:58 PM
www.tiertwo.org is a gaming community running in tandem with twonkhammer.com serving the purpose of bringing players together to excel in every aspect of each game we play.

We're hardcore, yet casual. We're theorycrafters, yet always learning. We get stuff done, but we have fun.

I am the leader of the Defiance Division PC-NA Region. I have been the leader or an officer in many guilds over my thirteen plus years of playing MMOs. I rarely find a guild that I do not want to be part of the leadership. We currently have a small clan started with one officer, and we are inviting people we see in our groups and doing arkfalls without a clan tag.

PVE plans:
There are plans in the works to have organized PvE nights. Now I know what you're thinking, "How can we have organized PvE when there are no raids?" Well, you don't have to have a raid zone to organize and take out some Arkfalls and Emergencies. A typical PvE night could consist of starting at the E-Rep camp and tearing down the map as far as we can carpooling to each event. The carpooling part is important, we will all gain our achievements for having passengers and being a passenger. Also carpooling will allow for making random Dukes of Hazard moments more memorable.

Outside of massive events we can run achievement runs through the Co-op missions so that everyone can get their outfits and titles.

PVP plans:
For large groups Shadow Wars are where its at. Organized groups can allow for some good fun among friends and clan mates. Everyone grab a group of four and Q up, which ever group you land in is the TS channel you need to swap to! Same goes for structured PvP!

Once we get the numbers the fun can start!

Please register and contact me on our site, or send me a message in game if you are interested!