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03-31-2013, 03:29 AM
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The Arkfall changed the world. People flee to Antarctica, a tropical paradise. The San Francisco bay area marks the front line for the infestation. Hellbugs.

We held out during the pale wars, gangs and thugs ruling the streets. We'd fallen into anarchy, and there was only so much we could do. The first of us were volunteers. We rounded up the people, led them to safety, kept them out of the line of fire.

It's said that we lost a third of our numbers when the first terraformers hit. It caused a wave, a big one, massive destruction. The survivors, criminals, families, one or two cops that had the balls to stick around. They started us. Costa Contra County moved into the mountains, where it was safe, where we hoped it was safe... There's a fort out here, a ranch, and we've been here since. Our little community against the horde.

Now and then we get someone drifts up here, we give them shelter, food, water. Most stay. That's how we built up. We had a good new start, and we needed protection.

Our founder was the last remaining cop. Jaime Rodriguez. At first it was just him and a couple others going out a scavving weapons, arktech, supplies. He brought back some livestock and seeds so that we could grow our own food, without him out there, we wouldn't have lasted, we wouldn't have grown.

We became the Contra County Lawkeepers, defending out mountain ranch from raiders, mutants, and hellbugs. We send out patrols to hit the bugs wherever they appear. We got some supplies from Iron Demon when they rolled in, and a good number of Ark hunters to join our ranks.

This place is hell, but it's our hell. And we're not going to let it fall again.

We need people willing to lay down their lives, to patrol the highways, keep them clear and safe, and give the people someone to turn to. We want bravery, valour, honour. And in return, you'll have a safe place to sleep, food, warmth, and loyal companions.

Think you can make a difference out there? Run with us.
Contra Desperatio.

Contra Country Lawkeepers is a new roleplay based international guild.
Our founding members have a long history of playing, and roleplaying in MMO's.

The requirements of joining are a mature etiquette and an interest in roleplay (you will never be forced to RP at a time you prefer to be playing)
Voice chat availability is a plus but not mandatory.

Both Roleplay and Gameplay events will be created regularly and detailed on our forum.

Thankyou for your interest.
Contra Desperatio

03-31-2013, 03:40 AM
Much luck with the Rolelpay Guild. Hoping more of these pop up in time here ^^