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08-14-2013, 01:30 AM
Arenas: while a little underwhelming, I wouldn't call them a disaster either. I personally find them fairly fun to play, and the golden skitterlings are a nice addition. But besides the excessive darkness of some arenas (the second one for example, I have to push my gamma up every time I want to play it), I'm mostly concerned about their replayability. Right now there's little reason for me to replay them after I've gotten silver in each of them. Some suggestions to increase replayability:

Add more arena-related pursuits
Make arenas award keys. Something like 1 for Bronze, 2 for Silver, and 4 for Gold.
Give better stuff to the Thorn Liro vendor (rep comes really fast, and yet the only thing worth buying might be the orange blade; I say might, because the scrip price is pretty steep).
Revamp the scoring system: add more reward tiers (siege-like), with the top tiers more difficult than the current gold to reach. Keep track of more scores than just the top 3 to encourage competition between players: something like top 100 with the possibility of quickly seeing where you stand, daily / weekly / all-time record, symbolic rewards for placing in the top 100 / 10 / 3 (this suggestion works for existing rampages / hotshots / races too)
Add more randomness to arenas. I don't know if the people who worked on Borderlands are still with Trion nowadays, but I'm thinking Mad Moxxi's underdome type of randomness, with random bufs / debuffs applied each round.

Also, why aren't we gaining any weapon xp in arenas?

Sieges: best part of the DLC in my opinion. I especially like the way these events scale. Are you alone or with only a few other people? You won't make it past wave 5 or 6, but that's already more than enough to get a good score. With a bigger group, the first waves will go very fast and you won't get many points from them, but then you'll reach the later waves with a ton of enemies, and there will be more than enough stuff to kill for everyone. Of course a bigger group only means 10 - 12 people on the test server, we'll see if this holds true for 40+ groups on live. I wish arkfalls worked in the same spirit, instead of being trivially easy for large groups.

When afflicted sieges are added back, you should probably make sure that whenever sieges pop, at least one afflicted and one volge siege are available, so that people can choose between the two types.

Dark Matter arkfalls: The major arkfalls were discussed in that thread: http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?120184-DM-Minor-and-Volge-Siege-Initial-Impressions. I like the minor ones, DM Obliteration and Extraction will probably be the only arkfalls in the game with any kind of challenge for large groups (EGO boosted elite bulwarks anyone?).

Charge blades: Unexciting in my opinion, though I wasn't expecting much anyway. The only way I can see for them to be useful in combat is to combine them with Blur and some melee perks. While letting you reflect bullets with these blades would be non-cannon and a blatant ripoff of Star Wars, I feel like it would really make them more interesting.

Charge weapons: Unequal in usefulness, but overall nice additions to the game. The sniper rifles (all three of them) are great, which is not that surprising given the fundamental "1 shot 1 kill" nature of sniper rifles. The pistols and shotguns that increase the number of pellets don't seem to perform that well, and the ones that increase proc chance seem to be made for syphon, but I haven't gotten one of those yet.

"Economy revamp": The new salvage matrix prices and mod vendors are great. For the first time I've actually wished I had more salvage matrix slots. I just keep adding mod slots to my weapons, and putting green mods on them. Blue mods are expensive, but at least scrip now has more uses.

The only downside is the new Mod Hoard. They really, really need to be changed so that they only give blue synergy mods. I tried to open one and got 3 whites and 1 green, all with no synergy. I could have bought these exact same mods for 5.5k scrips at a vendor. Instead I paid 64 keys and 3k scrips. If mod hoards are left like this, I can predict a lot of complaining on the forums (possibly detracting attention from the many positives of this change).


I understand that drop rates needed to be lowered for Volges during Sieges, but why did this have to apply to emergencies as well? Getting a fair number of green and blue items was the only real incentive in doing these events, since they're harder but give the same xp and scrips as other emergencies.
The number of new pursuits is surprisingly low. Why not add new pursuits for each aspect of the DLC? DM arkfalls, charge weapons, charge blades, etc.
The new Breakdown button is an improvement, but a small one given how far out of the way it is. Being able to bind it to a key would be a bigger improvement.
The new story line is not very exciting, but I can't say I care much. The focus of this DLC is obviously on providing repeatable content.
I like that lower weapon skill levels require less xp. Makes you feel like you're making some good progress in the early game.
The change to vehicle shield recharge delay seems good too. Makes it quite a bit less likely that you'll blow up from just running into random hellbugs.

Siege Master
08-14-2013, 03:10 PM
When afflicted sieges are added back, you should probably make sure that whenever sieges pop, at least one afflicted and one volge siege are available, so that people can choose between the two types.

That is actually exactly what I was planning. 1 Afflicted siege and the rest Volge (or whatever other enemies type we make). Unfortunately some of the fixes we made for volge sieges (mostly scoring system related) actually require the Afflicted sieges to be retrofitted to actually work with the new fixes. So they'll be coming back, but not for a while. :*(