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03-31-2013, 04:45 AM

Don't know if this has been asked somewhere or not but it has been mentioned that events and characters from the show and game will make a cross over from one to another and back again.

In relation to player characters being selected from the game by the developers to make an appearance in the series, will there be when first creating a character to play Defiance the option to provide or select a background/ history for our characters ?

My thought is that if a player is chosen by the developers to make an appearance in the television show it would be awesome if I the player can say, " my character is ex-earth military coalition or earth republic etc... he/she fought at several key battles which changed him/her to become ark hunter etc...may not like aliens but tolerates them due to personal loss etc..."

This way the developers will already have a history provided for them and they can just incorporate it immediately or slightly adjust the players back story to fit in with the show straight away when they introduce our character and how he/she will react to whatever is going on and with the different people/races etc...

So will developers for the show & game just create a back story for our hero themselves. Or will they provide the option for players to select from a number of options to give a back story for our character does anyone know ?

Thank you for reading this

03-31-2013, 05:37 AM
Nothing in beta but I doubt its a big as people think it will be - I don't think that a player character will be a big thing in the show, maybe just a mention or maybe in a photo.

At any rate, I find it good to come up with a backstory, just in case, that fits in with canon. So you can't say your character is 23 and witnessed the arrival of the arks, as that happened 10 years before they were born.