View Full Version : Suggestion for the test server

08-14-2013, 09:22 AM
First, not sure if this should go here or on the suggestions board. Doesn't really seem like it would go there because it doesn't pertain to the live version/server of the game.

Anyway... for the sake of being able to fully test all aspects of an upcoming patch on the test server, I think that the test server should always have a large bonus running for skill exp, scrip, and rep. This will allow us to amass the scrip, salvage, etc. to be able to test things without having to put in a ton of time farming/etc. to get scrip/salvage/faction rep for testing new content.

EGO(exp) boost wouldn't really be necessary as EGO level plays a rather small role, but I'm sure nobody would complain if that was boosted as well.

But there shouldn't be a loot boost, because if anything on the patch deals with loot amounts or rarity, that may throw off the testing results.

So, in short, I think a constant boost of maybe 10x or 20x to scrip, skill exp, faction rep, and (maybe) ego should be running on the test server any time it is open.