View Full Version : Clan issue update and further problem

Steve Harris
08-15-2013, 07:48 AM
I've been having a clan related issue since day one. I was somehow dropped into a random clan and quit. After quitting, I still recieve their chat, even after starting my own clan. I ONLY get their chat and can ONLY chat with them, preventing communication with my own clan. I have tried:

1) Disbanding and reforming my current clan

2) Having the old clan attempt to remove me: The don't have me in their quick menu cache, and can't scroll down far enough to see me in their social menu (seriously, why is this even an issue? We've had windows with scroll features for like two decades, it isn't hard to figure out /endrant)

3) Had the old clan attempt to add me (after leaving my current clan). I see the invite, but it doesn;t register when I hit accept. It does register when I decline.

I just recently tried to make a new character to hold my clan name, and upon starting up the tutorial mission, I immediately start getting chatter from that old clan despite being a completely new character.

Anyone else have this issue? I know there have been other clan issues, is there a fix coming anytime soon?