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07-14-2012, 06:29 PM
First question, though I think I know the answer, will we be able to make groups? Seems like we will be able to considering the whole world is about reclaiming the apocalyptic alien world from the Votan.

Second question, will we be able to gain territory or do raids for that matter?

Third question, who here plans on making a group on the game? What would it's name be? What would it's goals be based on what you know so far of the fictional world?

07-14-2012, 07:38 PM
my understanding is that all players are the same faction. Since they've touted this as a social experience, I'd be very surprised and slightly enraged if this did not have the standard social functions: friends lists, groups, clan support, all that great stuff. raids could be interesting too, if they make them fit well within the fps/tps style

07-15-2012, 02:37 AM
Yes there will be groups, yes there will be friendlists and some answers seem to hint at guilds as well. The rest has not specifically been mention but there will be PVP so if there are not factions then there must be something else to fight over.

To be honest I never am a fan of two clear split off factions because essentially it ruins your game. When server population goes down (which is a given might not be the first 3 months but might be the first year). Your server population is split in two at times where it matters. Now two or three factions in my opinion work fine if you don't split the playerbase. Allow them to form unlikely alliances and communicate with each other. When your being killed wouldn't you work together with your enemy to defeat a bigger evil?

Now from game design I guess the big reason to split it off is the extra hassle of keeping them together, if there are PVP servers for example you might not want to have the first 20% of the game the same for all factions to make sure everyone gets to learn the ropes.

If I take RIFT as an example I really dislike the clear split in factions there and while it was obvious why they picked it. I was always disappointed I didn't get to really get to know the Guardian server community when I was playing Defiance. Sure I could make a new character and hop over but then I lose track of my friends on the Defiance side.

Personally I would like to see PVP done like it was done in the old days, you join a faction you still get to talk to opposing faction in custom channels / tells maybe not region (depending on maturity of playerbase). Taking it a step further and having them in the same guild is probably not plausible I mean I can't even think of a reason for that but it would open up the server community even more.

What I also really liked back in the day (SWG, EQ) was that you could swap factions relatively easy. Me and my friends did this a couple of times in SWG because the rebels always lost so we swapped to rebels for a while and took on the extra challenge.

Bottom line I am hoping for not having clear cut faction, but instead a flagging system for 2 or more factions who fight over "something" in the defiance universe.

Something being: Land, Resources and practical things preferably instead of philosophical things but philosophical being there still. If I would speculate / theorize / wish more I would wander to a Pro-Human segment, Pro-Alien Segment and probably a neutral / pirate / rogue segment who really don't care about humans vs aliens but just want profit. (yarrr)

07-15-2012, 10:23 AM
IF you are worried about them splitting the players up so that the numbers are low and that their is no communication. They could do something similar to the current PvP system in TSW. You are able to group and do all the missions and raids and trade and do almost everything you would normally do with your own faction but fight them in PvP instances. Then when you queue for a possible PvP type Instances, the faction you want to play for would all be put on the same team. This could make it so that there is never a lack of players for the actual game environment, but give you some type of team spirit.

07-15-2012, 04:07 PM
As Arkhunters, wer're already part of a group. I think they are basicly mercenaries.
People offer us missions. People ask us to retrieve something from a raider held
mine, we go. Someone asks us to disrupt a cyborg mine, we do that. Someone
asks up to remove a hellbug infestation of their base, we do that. Some guys will
probably be above board others may be little more shady. I think of it as like
Grand Theft Auto, except we can become like cops.

I imagine this question might come up on a mission "Will this be a stand up fight
or a bug hunt."

07-31-2012, 01:26 PM
oh goodie, another "fallen earth' clone

09-30-2012, 08:47 PM
I know they will have guilds and probly guild ranking systems but as for teritory i doubt that. my clan (The forgotten) however is setting were we want to set up a field HQ so to speak so it will be intresting how the leading clans will divide the world

01-04-2013, 07:33 PM
oh goodie, another "fallen earth' clone

Except Fallen Earth was a clunky, buggy, poor ai precursor to better games like this.