View Full Version : 84MB/s Download Rate!

08-20-2013, 11:51 AM
Dang...the download servers are screaming.


08-20-2013, 11:54 AM
No way dude! It says right there on the pic you showed us that it's 85 Mb/s NOT MB/s which would be 10 times faster.

08-20-2013, 12:03 PM
No way dude! It says right there on the pic you showed us that it's 85 Mb/s NOT MB/s which would be 10 times faster.

SHIFT Key error...sue me :) Either way.....files done.

08-20-2013, 12:12 PM
I also had my moment ;)


Now it's just a 3-15 Mb/s -.-

But it doesn't matter. Servers are currently off, so what's the difference whether the client will be downloaded in five minutes or in four hours...

08-20-2013, 12:18 PM
Mine stayed above 80...kept mostly between 84-91.

08-20-2013, 12:21 PM
Yeah... maybe I should download this patch from NA servers ;)

August Barkley
08-20-2013, 01:04 PM
When I downloaded the client first time, it was nearly 459 MB / S! However, this time the patch has a speed of 13 MB / s. :(

08-20-2013, 01:19 PM
It's the current speed its downloading like what you would see on www.speedtest.net, :D

08-20-2013, 01:22 PM
7 kbs....

4 hours to DL it.

on the other hand, DLed gw2 patch @ 840 kbs...

08-20-2013, 02:46 PM
***** Please GUYS !! :D

08-20-2013, 02:59 PM
Well, you are lucky because I'm doing 1.50Mbps and have 16hrs+ to go. I used to do about 0.50Mbps more, but my ISP has been a bit slower lately. I have to call them so they can fix it. Regardless, even at top speed, I'm still at a little over 2Mbps which result in 10-15hr+ marathons. I didn't have this issue with other huge MMO downloads.

If I have to re-download I will stop. No more Defiance. I said this the last time I had an issue and I will stick to it.

08-20-2013, 03:44 PM
It's nice that everyone has modern internet access, really, I'm so happy for everyone.

I'll just enjoy my 1.4Mbps.

May an elephant caress you with this toes.

08-20-2013, 03:46 PM
MB(ytes)ps is not the same as Mb(its)ps. 8 bits per 1 Byte.

08-20-2013, 04:51 PM
%#%# 5 hours and counting to dl this...patch.

What are they shipping this out on? A 200 baud modem?

I guess you get what you pay for or in this dase what they didn't pay for which is a decent bandwidth.

Billy Guile
08-20-2013, 04:58 PM
10.01 average Mbps :-/ eh. whatever. i'm not waiting.

08-20-2013, 07:23 PM

Mercy Killing
08-20-2013, 08:53 PM
Psh. One or two Mb/sec.
Staring at a ten hour download. AGAIN.

08-21-2013, 09:28 AM
Started off at 340 Mb/s and said 5 minutes to dl the patch then it quickly drops to 1.5-1.9 Mb/s - so it's not my connection.

This is ridiculous for a modern company. 12-14 hours this is going to take.

08-21-2013, 01:51 PM
Hovering around 1.6Mbps here, 15hrs to go, same as the last patches, and the initial install.

I played Rift and patches were much faster there, MUCH better download rate. (remember Rift is also a TRION product, but it dosent looked like they carried that knowledge/tech over to Defiance)

08-22-2013, 03:41 PM
No way dude! It says right there on the pic you showed us that it's 85 Mb/s NOT MB/s which would be 10 times faster.

8 times* its 8 bits in a byte, just had to be pedantic. Still, I would love to have any speed faster than what I have now, downloading defiance again (new HDD) and its at about 80 KB/s

... hold that, its just shot up to 500 KB/s, oh no, it dropped back down again after 4 seconds, current ETA is 24 hours. Damn mobile broadband