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03-31-2013, 11:33 PM
SEHC Gaming (PS3/XBOX)


SEHC is a Uk/Us based PS3 & Xbox clan which offers people a fun gaming experience.

Members PS3: 5
Members Xbox:12
Gold Clan Tag: SEHC
Clan Battles Won: 0
Clan Battles Lost: 0

Requirements For Straight Edge Hardcore Gaming

You must be atleast 15+
Be a Mature gamer. (We all have are raging moments but lets try and keep them to a minimum)
And needs to know how to have fun.
We do have a probation period for everyone under 17+ Seeing as most of us are in are 20's to 30's

That's pretty much it.

Add/msg me on PS3 : NoLifeGhost or XBL : Ghost W33D Pooh

or you can come check us out @ www.sehcgamers.com