View Full Version : How do you get into arenas?

Loki Laufeyson
08-21-2013, 04:00 AM
Is there a mission or something? Because there's no new mission apart from the side ones that don't work. :/

08-21-2013, 04:04 AM
I had the same problem last evening. Got into the arean located by Diablo Lighthouse but couldn't find anyothers!Also two minor missions turned up around North Point Mine (I think that's the correct location) but when I got to the marker locsaton there was nothing. Anyone know what's happening?

08-21-2013, 04:07 AM
There was a little arena symbol randomly placed on my map found it followed what it said and arrived at diablo. From that point on you need to get a silver in the arenas to unlock the next one after accepting the mission out front of the light house. After you complete the storyline or beat an arena it is permanently available for replay. Hope this helped.

08-21-2013, 04:22 AM
Thanks it did. I only made bronze in the arena I tried last evening so I know what I'll be doing tonight!

08-21-2013, 04:37 AM
check out my tips and tricks for the arenas below it may help