View Full Version : Feedback!

08-21-2013, 04:55 AM
Dear Trion:

awesome update! Although you said you nerfed the SAW, i still find much use for it! In arenas, the SAW and BMG are my main loadout.

Thank you for:
- adding a new vehicle,
- re-doing the gunshot sounds
- adding in volge arkfalls, arenas, charge weapons, etc
- also adding in the dark matter arkfalls
- allowing us to re-do our character.
- the numerous bug fixes

Screw you for:
- chat
- huge download which lasted all day, lol. (jokes)
- yeah mainly chat. i don't like it, please reduce its size.

bugs i've encountered:
- in arenas, sometimes the enemies don't spawn correctly.
- the age old issue of characters getting stuck. I was at one of those big volge thingo's earlier.
- when i was equipping my charge shotgun with my VOT spanner, the loadout wasn't showing up. You need to find and fix correlation and behavioural issues with different weapons on the loadouts.

that's all. It's a great patch, and always has been a great game, no matter what people ***** about.