View Full Version : Non-stop Issues

08-21-2013, 11:55 AM
I bought this game, a month or so ago for 10 bucks on PSN store. Looked real good. Downloaded. Installed. Updated and Patched. Began playing. Since then, there has been a HOARD of problems.

First of all, not once but twice, my PS3 has COMPLETELY crashed to the point where I had no choice but to unplug it, almost having to reinstall everything.

Multiple Disconnects within a single days time (upwards of 10 or more). Cant even do missions or co-ops without getting disconnected. Do you even know what server maintenance is?

Constant Bugs and Glitches and Freezes. Oh and lets not forget the Disconnects.

Clearly you released the game way too soon. At first it was worth $60, now its worth $10. How long has it been? Lol!

And now, after a nice little update and a patch I think the worst is over, right? WRONG! - Server Connection Issues? Critical? Timeouts?

Cant you devs do anything right? Do you even TRY to test things out?

I am afraid that the devs have made this whole thing unbearable. Shame too, such a high potential for the game, you know. Tisk tisk. So sad.