View Full Version : Servers are down....AGAIN!

08-21-2013, 11:27 PM
So, for the third night in a row, the servers are crashing late at night. I am once again getting the "connection to the Defiance servers timed out" error. I know the DLC messed things up, but I have noticed a lot of late night server crashes with this game. I have seen small PSN games with better servers than this game has. There is no way I would even think about spending more money on this game until I could get at least one day without server issues.
Why is it that this was supposedly fixed, but now we are getting the same error. Was it only temporarily fixed, or do they just have terrible servers over at Trion?
I know you guys are trying to get the DLC to work, but that does no one any good if the GAME do:mad::pesn't work.