View Full Version : Funny s H i T

08-21-2013, 11:42 PM
So i got on today to play some defiance to see the new stuff and see if i wanted to buy the Dlc. So i sat there while my ps3 patched defiance and it only took an hr or so. So i when't to play and it said "The defiance servers are unavailable. I laughed got on my laptop to check the forums about the server status and look at Morganas post about the dlc and just started laughing. Same old trion... But the best part was to learn that the Na server dlcs weren't working but the Eu was that was funny S h I t lol. Eu's server dlc wasn't working for about 20 mins and they fixed it after only 20 or so min's. What a fail. Trion if the video game industry doesn't work you can all ways go into comedy because you make me laugh all the time :P...