View Full Version : Emergency Scrip Rewards

08-23-2013, 05:49 PM
In the patch notes from the 20th it says

* Increased Scrip rewards on all Emergencies to make them better sources of Scrip.

I honestly do not know what the reward was before, but now it is only 100 scrip. I've done about 10 of them since I finally got the DLC on my system, and everyone of them has only given me 100 scrip. In addition to the piddlely little amounts the mobs drop. Brings it to around 120 scrip.

Since almost all emergencies are Volge emergencies now, they usually involve one or more deaths. An extraction costs 180 scrip. So we can say that a Volge emergency now costs 60 to 240 scrip. They aren't worth doing since the good drops have been reduced.

Honestly, when they said they'd made emergencies a better source of scrip I expected at least 1000. After seeing the cost of blue mods, I expected 2000. Volge emergencies should be worth at least 3000 due to the challenge.