View Full Version : DLC Arena is practically broken: Mobs freezing right before they die = score reset

08-23-2013, 08:17 PM
1. I'm currently on the scrapper stage and can't get past it because of the fact that once you drain them to 1% health they will freeze up and stand there and not die then they will run off again having to shoot them.
2. The golden hellbug placed in this whole arena is f'n ******ed spawns at the end of the round on coutdown of 5secs left. if it doesnt DIRECTLY SPAWN ONTOP OF YOU then you have no chance at it.
3. The rapid fire flyers have so much range taking out your shield constantly and when u actually aim at them from across the map you hit 200s or lower, kinda ******ed.

anyway this instance is rather broken and needs fixed. some other issues
1. i've been spawned into the arena with no ammo, half ammo, random amount in current clip, etc.
2. sometimes you you get zapped and lose your gui and it DOESN'T come back on. (how am i to know how many points i need when it isn't being displayed along with the current x1-10 amount it doesnt even show what the points you are getting from each kill

These are just some of the issues I'm having in the arena and would like to see change.