View Full Version : Rizi Liro Gold Guide 2

08-24-2013, 05:19 PM
Here is the gold guide for the second arena:

Vbi Assault Rifle
Vbi Invader
Rhino Regen

Power: overcharge
1. Thick skinned- you take half damage after your shield breaks
2. Overload- while overload is active you reload 30% faster
3. Survival instinct- you reload 45% faster when your shields are empty
4. Quick charge- reduce the recharge time of overcharge
5. Rear guard- you take 30% less damage from behind
6. Bloodlust- dealing any damage recharges your ego power
7. Escape artist- when your shield breaks you move 45% faster
8. Killing machine- increase overcharge duration
9. Cellular armor- take 6% less damage

Score needed: 10000 or 8000 and survive

Round 1: 1000-1750 points 1000-1750 points for the arena
Run around the top of the arena using the invader just killing everything and everything that moves. This method as like all the other arenas should net you the estimated points above.

Round 2: 3000-5000 points 4000-6750 points for the arena
This is the first time I have actually stayed in the bottom section for the entire round. Its still the same strategy though just back pedal and shoot everything in sight with the invader. This should definitely get you the points above.

Round 3: 1000-2250 points 5000-8000 points for the arena
This a round that is hard to score points in by staying at just the top so i alternated between the top and bottom every 20 seconds or so and got into the window of points above. I used the invader for most everything switching to the assault rifle when there was a bigger mutant or a golden skitterling.

Round 4: 1000-3000 points 6000-11000 points for the arena
By this point some may have hit the 8000 goal and just need to survive but thats boring. This is just like round one all you have to is run the top with the invader and you will easily get the necessary points.

Round 5: 3000-5000 points 9000-16000 for the arena
By this point most people will be above the 8000 so survive is the goal for you. for those who are short of 8000 you need to alternate between top and bottom using your trusty invader switching to vbi if needed for bigger enemies. The big mutants die quite easily from the invader so the vbi is usually not necessary.

Total Points: 9000-16000 if you die 11000-18000 if you survive

Hope this helps! Goodluck Arkhunters!