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08-24-2013, 07:51 PM
Here is the last arena I had to do a gold guide for. I saved it for last because it is by far the easiest. To be honest you can get gold in this arena by playing just 2 of the 5 rounds. I have done this to see if it was possible an it was those rounds are 3 and 5.

Weapons I used:
Rhino Regen

Perks and Power:
Power: overcharge
1. Thick skinned- you take half damage after your shield breaks
2. Overload- while overload is active you reload 30% faster
3. Survival instinct- you reload 45% faster when your shields are empty
4. Quick charge- reduce the recharge time of overcharge
5. Rear guard- you take 30% less damage from behind
6. Bloodlust- dealing any damage recharges your ego power
7. Escape artist- when your shield breaks you move 45% faster
8. Killing machine- increase overcharge duration
9. Cellular armor- take 6% less damage

Ok so here is the guide:

Goal: 22000 or 20000 and survive

Round 1: 1500-2500 points 1500-2500 for the arena
This is an easy round if right from the start you go to the north wall that is the most popular 99er spawn just shoot the invader off back pedaling back and forth through this area to dodge the bullets. It will be an easy round not too many enemies and not too little.

Round 2: 4000-6000 points 5500-8500 for the arena
This is another easy round but instead of staying in one spot you need to back pedal around the arena to mass the enemies behind you and then kill them with the invader for big points. Sometimes you get lucky and a golden skitterling will get stuck behind the mob and the bugs will kill it with a x10 multiplier for 3000 points.

Round 3: 8000-10000 points 13500-18500 for the arena
This is one of the most important rounds and necessary for gold. Bring out your clustershot and head to the bottom of the map. As soon as the skitterlings spawn fire the clustershot into the crowd you will kill anywhere from 3-10 skitterlings in one shot and your points will explode.

Round 4: 1500-3500 points 15000-22000 for the arena
For this one we are back to using the invader and we are staying close to the middle because that is where the archers spawn most of the time. Just shoot them with the invader and the bugs should get the ones on the outsides if it doesnt reach just walk a bit closer and kill them shouldnt be too hard.

Round 5: 7000-11000 points 22000-33000 for the arena
This is the only mix round where you go up top and down low and use both weapons. When the round starts you want to be on the outside using your invader like the first and fourth rounds. You need to listen to your EGO though for when she says "Hellbugs incoming" or something along those lines. when this occurs jump to the bottom whip out your cluster shot and have round 3 over again. There is an added bomnus though because sometimes you will have Goldrushers and Blacklungs following as well netting you a lot of points.

Score: 22000-33000 if you die 24000-35000 if your survive

Hope this helps. check out my main guide in my sig for questions and answers!

Good luck Arkhunters!!!!

09-13-2013, 05:08 PM
If I might add, in round 2, after the second wave of goldrushers, you can go down and use the same strategy as with the skitterlings, but with the 99'er drones. When you see that they are getting sparse (usually around 30 seconds later), you can get back on the upper level, if you time this right, you won't even loose your multiplier.


I tend to use decoy for my main perk, and I use it mainly to teleport on the map, it can also get very helpful if your clustershot explodes in your face due to a mob too close.

I also like having the Detachment perk, since the multiplier is pretty much always up, so is detachment (timers looks to be similar), this adds a nice 12% dmg reduction.