View Full Version : Selling synergy guns

08-28-2013, 03:33 PM
I will be selling synergy weapons. I got purple and blues with synergy's. I also got a orange VOT longshot cannon. The Longshot cannon will be sold for 80k - 130k. Now for the purples and blues. For a bundle of purples that will be sold for no more than 100k. depending on how much scrip you have and the synergy. For a bundle for blues that will be sold for no more that 40k. For a purple and blue bundle that will be sold for no more that 55k. There is room to negotiate the price's. For just one gun they will be sold for 8-10k for a purple, for a blue will be an even 5k

thanks for your time. I also got shot converters. my characters name is IRES MERCENARY. gamertag is IRES MERCENARY

Please someone buy something Ive tried to sell things and no one will answer me. Please help me out