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Riff Moonraker
08-28-2013, 07:42 PM
Ok, so I get on for the night, after losing out the chance to play today at lunch, because your server maintenance time falls right at the same time I take my lunch from work. Ok, fine... I will play tonight. Well, I get on tonight, to further deal with the frustrating arenas, because I now HAVE to do this to even get my original 1000 Gamerscore (yep, that last achievement, get all other achievements... yeah, it apparently updates and includes the new achievements if you didn't get them all before the DLC) so now I am seriously focusing on getting gold in all the arenas... which I have all but the last two. I haven't even been able to silver the last arena yet. So, anyway, I get on and everything seems to be running just fine, go pop into the next to last arena, and BLAM.. I get kicked to the main menu with the message CRITICAL Your connection to the DEFIANCE servers has timed out. Yay. I log back in, no problems again, try the arena again and the exact same thing happens.

You know, I have seen all the complaints with this game, and the people dropping out, etc. etc. and have stayed right with it since day one. I love the show, and have loved the immersiveness between the game and the show, but apparently the weekly new stuff to go along with the show is just going to come to a halt until next june? Anyway, this kind of garbage keeps happening, and you guys are going to have some serious problems on your hands. I just watched the latest VidDoc on Destiny, and lo and behold, it really sounds like Defiance. They are going to have continuing "public events" that sure do look a lot like arkfalls, and loot, etc. etc. Word of warning, Trion... Bungies track record with their player base is EXCEPTIONAL. If this game is truly like defiance (but a considerable upgrade) then any hope for THIS game will be lost, and gone. You need to right this ship while you are able, because you are heading right for a big iceberg.

I'm done ranting, and I am going to go try to get in that !#$%@^$ arena one more time. If that doesn't work, I will find another frigging game to play, and put yours back in its godforsaken case. It just bothers me to no end, because there is something that keeps me coming back. But please quit slapping my hand every time I find myself loving this game again. I don't think that's too much to ask!!!

08-29-2013, 02:05 AM
I finally broke down and looked up Destiny since so many have mentioned it. And all I can say is wow it does look good, not too sure about FPS games though but yeah just from what I read you have Destiny and ESO hitting in the same year....gonna be a slaughter.

Bob Blunderbust
08-29-2013, 10:14 AM
how do you know destiny wont be like defiance as well?

Indra Echo
08-29-2013, 11:17 AM
how do you know destiny wont be like defiance as well?
No one knows that, but since Activision and Bungie make pristine games that never have any problems, it's sure to be perfection on all levels. Right?

Won't be an MMO--hmmm, well Bungie early on said it would be. Even now, people believe it will be an MMO because they said it would be. And such sites as Massively have called them on it-citing it as a hoax on Bungie's part. Nice term for something else. So, the devs got people thinking it would be an MMO and now it's going to be more of a random team based thing in a persistent world that they're calling an open world. And they're saying the game will have MMO elements, which only means "it won't be an MMO, but we want you to think it will be". Cool. From the sound of it, it's only open world between instances of random team play. A persistent open world game with MMO elements. My "hoax" meter is tingling.

I've never known an Activision or Bungie game to have any sort of problems with lag, lack of content (unless you mean short 5 hour campaigns followed by mind numbing PvP for prestige or weapons that shoot like water guns). Ought to be good though, because it looks cool.

I love Oblivion and Skyrim, horrible bugs and all, but not interested in paying a sub for Elder Scrolls Online. I have no doubt it will be a lagfest and buggy as well, but I'd get past that. I just can't see paying a subscription, then paying for DLC, and paying for in game items, and all that. It will do well, but so far a lot of people are really not happy over the sub fees on top of Live or PSN Plus fees and they aren't budging on that.

08-29-2013, 12:08 PM
No one knows that, but since Activision and Bungie make pristine games that never have any problems, it's sure to be perfection on all levels. Right?

Oh, and you know this... maaaaaaaaaaan.

(I'm a good sarcasm detector.) ;)

08-29-2013, 01:54 PM
I honestly never really liked the Halo games..and Activision...I just say NWN2. EOS will not be perfect by a long shot I think it's more of a thing to tide people over till they release the next real Elder Scrolls game. Destiny is not on my short want list of games and EOS would require me to either upgrade/buy a new laptop or console, then pay for the subscription to the PS network (not going Xbox when I upgrade consoles) then buy the game and shell out 15 a month to play not gonna shell out that much just to play one game. All the games I want Evil Within,Dibalo3, WWE2K14, Dragon Age 3, will all be for my current system so there is no reason as of yet to want a new system. Trion only had two games under their belt when they made Defiance and it does seem that SyFy went with the lowest bidder when looking at companies just from the constant issues many have experienced on every platform, and the lack of even a "we're working on it" when there have been so many problems with people just being able to play is very annoying. Even the on the old NWN servers that were ran by random people had better communication than this.