View Full Version : Mod Prices & Availablity

08-28-2013, 09:09 PM
Blue mods:

The pricing on the blue mods is inconsistent from the pricing of the rest of the mods. The green synergy mods are priced at 6K, while the non-synergy green mods are 2.3K. But all the blue mods, synergy and non-synergy are priced at 10K. Shouldn't the non-synergy mods be lower priced than the synergy mods?

Green mods:

Since the DLC was release I haven't found any green synergy mods on special. Is that intentional? Frankly the purpose of the specials seems like it's to save us money, as with the cars, as well as throw some rare items at us. People who frequently check the shops eventually get rewarded for their perseverance. We can save money on the normal green mods, but not the synergy mods.

White mods:

The patch notes said there would be new mods for infectors, BMGs, & detonators, but so far I've only seen a scope for infectors. It was a white scope, priced at 2.3K, titled as a level 3 scope, and it was on special at a mod vendor. Why aren't these items more generally available? What's the point of making them if they aren't available?

* Added some new mods for Infectors, BMGs, and Detonators. These will allow players to complete more synergies and fill all available slots.


In general the prices of all these things wouldn't be so bad if scrip rewards for emergencies had actually been increased.