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hey u
08-29-2013, 10:21 PM
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I use to get really agitated with it but then someone was in a way nice enough to explain the multi platform issue with this game. In the end I really am not trying to troll here but just lower your expectations for this game by 60 percent while you play and you should be fine.

Also if you do like this game and would like to see it succeed play it and post up in the bug/issue area of the forum. I also now plug in my keyboard to my Ps3 and report bugs as I find them. I can say with most of my in-game issues when I have done this they seem to get fixed or at the least attempted to fix

Again I think back in April when I was on 360 I had made a few posts like this as well. Even with all the past few days of BS I can still honestly say I have seen lots done to the game. Lots added to the game and lots of time put into the game. So I go back into the game and play and if something happens report it and HOPE it gets fixed.

The word HOPE is a powerful word and in the past 48+ hours I have had 10+ critical errors and like 5-8 system freezes so I hear you

Seeing as you joined right around launch you should know the majority of the bugs have been posted to death since alpha yet we don't get fixes. The ticket system is also a joke, sometimes taking over 2 weeks to get a reply. Also what is your idea of lots added to game? We have had some fixes (most broke other parts of the game), we had episode content that was ok at best & just recently got DLC 1 that was pretty mediocre.

Well I was on 360 and am now on Ps3 and man so much I can say has been done to this game and sooooooo much has not been done to this game

hey u
08-29-2013, 10:26 PM
I am now up on Ps3 THANK GOD and not 360 now

08-30-2013, 04:31 AM
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