View Full Version : morgana and crew

08-30-2013, 12:18 AM
that was our bonus for dealing with all of that? a bonus like you've done every couple weeks since i started playing the game? seriously? that might mean something if we actually had a chance of picking up something good with the bonus loot drop. from what i've seen they're just numbers on a screen. in reality you'll be damned lucky to get a junk weapon that's blue. you guys really have no idea how badly the one's that bought the game when it first came out have got fuct do you? that's right you do. you work for these people now. then only decent bonus weekend is the race weekends only because thats the only chance to get rep from them daily. speaking of that the whole reputation thing needs rethought. the dlc just came out and i already have more for thorn that most places.

(on a side note i kind of find it offensive there is no number to call. every other game i play if you have an issue call them and they try to clear it up. nevermind the fact that last week you wouldn't even accept a live chat.)