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04-01-2013, 05:52 PM

Website: http://kojo.enjin.com/
Complaints and Comments: http://kojo.enjin.com/contact
Mumble Server: east3.voice.enjin.com
Mumble Port: 60207

KoJo is a multi gaming community that has been around since 2003 in Star Wars Galaxies. We have guilds in various games like: Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and Star Wars: The Old Republic to name a few. Our community is 600+ strong and still growing. No matter the game you wish to play, I am sure we will have members to play it with you.

KoJo in Defiance
We are currently looking for active and mature members. We will provide help and advice to any who seek it, even those who do not wish to be in our guild. We use voice communication through mumble as our main source of communication. We do not require anyone to use mumble except in big groups such as guild wars.

Guild Rules
Seeing as PvP is a huge part of this game, we need to set down some group rules for how our guild will go about doing it. We do not want to limit our players PvP experience but we do want to prevent our players from reflecting our guild poorly amongst the community. DO NOT trash talk anyone at any time. We do not tolerate disrespect to anybody, this includes our enemies.

When it is OK to PK
Such as defending yourself or during any event.
Guilds on our enemy list or people on our KoS (Kill on Sight) list (we encourage you to kill them any time you see them except under circumstances considered as griefing) (see below)
As long as both parties are willing to participate

When it is NOT OK to PK
DO NOT attack or kill guild members or allies at any time. I do ask that you not create tension between the allied guilds'
NO griefing of any kind, such as:
Spawn Camping
Killing people who are AFK

We have enemies who do not follow our rules. We will not stoop to their level. We encourage everyone to pvp as often as they please as long as they stay within these rules.

Mumble! Download it and install it! Some guild members will not even do instances with you unless you are in mumble. Communication is huge with our guild.
Please only use English when chatting in the guild. This is so that everyone can understand the conversation and everyone can communicate effectively.
DO NOT disrespect other players or use racist/sexist remarks. These actions will not be tolerated at any time. This includes any form of chat, both in game, on the forums, and in mumble.
No whining, or flaming other guild members. If you have an issue with somebody PLEASE MAKE A CHANNEL OR WHISPER the person. Guild chat IS NOT for useless and uninformative chat. We are not your parents and we expect you to handle your own affairs.
Be courteous of your guild members while in the main lounge of mumble. We have private channels and an explicit channel for our members with particularly colorful vocabularies and crude humor.

We recommend all incidents to be accompanied with a screen shot/video . All incidents will be looked into but providing a screen shot/video solidifies your argument and we are looking for things they said and the icon you get for openly attacking someone. We will always attempt to get both sides of the story, regardless of which guild they are in.

Punishments depend on severity of the issue:
removed from guild
removed from guild and put on KoS list