View Full Version : 5000 Legendary Club Rules

09-05-2013, 09:58 AM
Hey everyone, so i put alot of time into this idea and want to make sure that everything works out smoothly for all of our members so im gonna start off with some rules i came up with to join/stay in the club, Its gonna be zero tolerance so nothing happens, I dont think anything will but just so we can keep it legit and make sure that we all have our deals work out without any problems i put these rules together.

- all members are to be honest with each other when it comes to any kind of deal with another member
- members during any kind of deal should be fair with each other and have realistic values of there items
- no arguments should be going on, if there is any issue with another person just report it to me and i will
look into it and take care of the issue
- Must have an ego rating of 5000 to be in the club (obviously) and majority of oranges traded should be 5k ego
(it is the owners choice weather he wants to trade or sell, it is the owners decesion if he wants to trade any other oranges that are not 5k but for the most part we should be only dealing with max lv items)
- To be in the club you must have me on your friends list since i will be sending out messages to update
everyone and so when we have our in game get together all of the members can just teleport on me
-No Scams, if i find out that anyone is tryna pull scams you wont only be kicked from the club but you
will also go on a list that will be posted on the forum so people know not to do any deals with you

These are some of the rules i have for now, if anyone has any other good suggestions to add on that i might of
forgot i would apperciate it, just wanna be sure that all the club members know that these rules are just here to make sure that everyone has no issues while buy or trading in our club and that im just making sure that the people that will be in the club are trustworthy so we wont have to worry about any shady scammers