View Full Version : New ammo cache probs lately?

09-05-2013, 05:57 PM
I'm at a siege, A-fall, or generally just running around dispensing justice to the miscreants, and my Tachmag runs dry.

I transition to my Wolfhound and chase that last Viscera around a little until he says 'Uncle' and lays down.

Swell. I run over to the ammo cache and kick it, holding down the action key all the while, I fill up my wolfhound cache, let go, reload the wolf mag, transition to my Tachmag to load that empty mag manually.

wtF? NFW!!... I have *no* AR/LMG/SMG ammo AT ALL.

0/0 ammo.

I first noticed it doing this in A-falls and sieges, I'd hit the cache, do most of the above, turn and run back to battle while reloading the wolf in my hand, transition to the SMG and nada. No ammo.

Great, I musta made a boo-boo... ok, go back make sure I hold the button long enuff... sweet... back to business....

But it keeps happening.

It just happened again wiping out the Volge roadblock just East of Muir. Wipe out the bombers, hit the cache while the Viscera waits politely for me to finish grabbing boolits,(sic), I check to find no AR/LMG/SMG ammo... re-access the cache, Mr. Viscera is getting antsy, I can tell....

Almost as bad is the fact that on occasion while the stored weapon is still '0' ammo available, the one in your hand that should get 250 rounds in the case of the Wolf will have a random number like 186 rounds, or 124 rounds.....

I can't be the only one?