View Full Version : DLC Charged Melee weapons

09-06-2013, 11:08 AM
Not all of us have uber computers (thus we get screen lag sometimes)
Not all of us have endless hours of time (to farm for the best weapons and mods)
Not all of us are all that good with this combat format (thus we die alot)

So with that in mind I would like to say after trying to get enough resources together for the melee blade (after nearly a week) I am pretty frustrated and thinking about going on another 3 month hiatus. To add insult to injury you lower the price in script (which is easy to get) and keep the damn 250 thorn rep which isn't able to really be gotten anywhere but this kill arena.

Now my suggestion isn't to actually lower the price. But if you don't get enough for a metal at least you could give the player like 3-5 of those coins so they just didn't waste an entire 5 round killing spree and their time if the blade is all they are after.

We have been asking for melee weapons since beta. To give them to us at rarity is a bit jerkish. Everything new is easy to come by ACCEPT the thing we have been asking for since before that horrible launch we were all subjected to.

Just a suggestion

09-07-2013, 12:50 PM
Took me 2-3 hours to get enough rep to get a purple blade. Wasn't that hard. Will take much longer to replace the 100,000 script I "spent" on it.

Correction. "wasted" on it since they lowered the price drastically.