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09-06-2013, 12:55 PM
I've been putting off finishing the game for about 1500 ego levels now. I kept hearing how crazy Nim is, and I didn't want to rush through. I figured when I finally got bored with arkfalls and key collecting, I'd have the main story line to go through again.

One of my favorite thing about this game is the multi-player aspect. I'm NOT a good solo player, and the arenas are not fun for me. I know they're easy for a lot of people, but getting through them the first time was a major struggle for me, and I'll admit to having required some assistance from my bf to get the final ones to silver (The pursuit for gold will just have to wait a few years until my gaming skills improve, haha!).

So I finally pulled on my big girl pants, conquered Nim, and went to restart the storyline.
Which also reset the arenas.
I know now that there was a previous thread about this, but I never thought that the DLC and the main thing would be connected like that, so I didn't think to check.
And now I have to get silver in all of them... Again.

The extra XP is awesome, but... I already DID this!! I really don't like having to get help from the BF to finish stuff, especially stuff I've already gotten done once, and I need those open to finish out my reputation and complete the contracts.
And nowhere did it say that the arenas were going to reset, which is the most frustrating part of all. I would have held off resetting the main stuff until I had my pursuits and rep done if I'd known.

I know this is a fairly minor issue in the big book o' problems Trion has created with Defiance and not really a bug, but I've been a daily player since a week or so after the game came out, and I think I'm finally just burned out with it all. The only sort-of ok part about it all is I never got the 1000 rep I needed for the legendary blade before they made that mess.

09-06-2013, 01:35 PM
Wow, I didn't know that the arenas reset when replay was/is selected. Trion should definitely change that or add an option to reset those. I guess I lucked out on that, because I had selected the 2nd play-through just days before the DLC dropped and it didn't affect them. (Arenas were/are a pain without the proper perks >.< ) I lucked out on the whole Legendary blade price change too, because I just gathered 500K last night & went to the vendor, only to see 15K. It's a shame, I see many people backing away from the game because of issues like this. :(

09-06-2013, 02:30 PM
I wasn't aware the arenas would reset either, but they are considered "storyline missions" so it makes sense. If you have completed the arenas once and gotten the charge blade and mask, there really is no reason why you have to do it again. Simply open up the first one or two arenas and grind those for rep. They are the easiest of the arenas and even silver gets you 15 rep points. There is no limit to how many times you can do them and you can simply keep grinding them out until you have the rep you are looking for.

My tip on arenas...
This method will not get you to the 1st place spot on the leaderboards, but it does get me gold in all the arenas.

1) get an invader
2) run around like a crazy person unloading on everything.

For every enemy you kill, the bugs generally kill at least two more. With smaller enemies like skitterlings, you can get huge numbers of kills from the bugs. It helps a lot to keep your multiplier up which in turn will net you a higher score.

09-08-2013, 12:06 PM
I use a Big Boomer with +3 clip mod in it.. It will melt pretty much anything you see in there in seconds! It is very useful in getting a nice multiplier before you pop the golden skitterling (or is it a golden snitch? Both zoom around rather quickly..) I also use a Tachmag Pulser (AKA the Bullet Hose) which has an insanely fast fire rate and can melt baddies quickly when they get too close for explosives.. I get gold easily with the weapons and I usually forget to swap my perks out of my melee build for the arenas.. Sometimes (if I get lucky) I can double gold requirements.. I got 47k-49k range once (I think it was 48k-something) on one of the arenas.. Got lucky and had x10 multiplier when I popped a gold skitterling multiple times in that particular run.. I forget the map though.. I think it was the first one or the Adreno one.. I am pretty certain it wasn't the electric trap ones since they tend to kill things before I can find them (or they can find me).. I have a hard time getting gold on those.. =/

Traps are OP! NERF NOW!

Seriously though... They kill the mobs and my multiplier so much! On the trap maps, I tend to spend more time SEARCHING for the enemies to kill than actually shooting at any.. Sometimes I do get lucky and potshot them just before a trap kills them so I still get credit..

A s0t
09-08-2013, 12:09 PM
arsenic_touch warned us a week ago that they reset