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09-06-2013, 06:29 PM
I am hoping we can start a discussion on this topic with the goal of showing the Devs that we are, or are not, interested in getting this in the near future, and to give them the material they need to make it happen.

On today’s live stream it was asked, “why do charge blades not have a skill progression like all of the other weapons?” (Or something close to that.) The answer for this was: they did have it at one time, but they just don’t - currently - have enough variables for it to really be of any benefit. They did suggest that in the future they would like to add it again, once they develop a better variable list for charge blades.

They said that as it is they only have “2, maybe 3” variables. I’m going to guess that the current variables are: DMG, Jump Radius, with the ”maybe 3” being Charge DMG or range (I will include all of these in the list, in the case that these weren’t the “2, maybe 3”).

If it is the case that they just haven’t found anything compelling to manipulate with charge blades, then I would like to suggest a few, and I invite others to do the same - because I feel like charge blades are not complete, like a real weapon, without a skill to advance for them (instead it feels like they "phoned it in" on this one).

Current Possible Variables:

DMG - Over all damage of the weapon (normal swing, charge, and jump attack)
Jump Radius - The radius of effected area from the jump slam
Charge Damage (or % to Charge Ability) - The damage or a % modifier to the charged attack specifically (this could be included with damage, but making it separate opens the possibility to make it hit even harder – because you have only buffed the one property. This could also be an easy "catch all" for the new blade suggestions)
Range - The distance of the swing from your body
Swing Speed - Charge blade swing rate (fire rate equivalent)
Charge speed - The time it takes to get off the charged attack
Jump CD - The length of time you stagger after your jump
Jump DMG - The damage your jump attack does (same reasoning as Charge Damage)
Nano - (Not having this already is just silliness :-P)

In conjunction with the added variables that will follow, I would like to suggest 4 new types of Charge Blades:

Shield Blade - Your Charge Attack creates a frontal shield instead of dealing Damage

Rush Blade - Your Charge attack Rushes your target having 1 variable effect type. Effect types: slows your target (more than bio), impales your target, staggers your target, does a jump attack at the end of the rush, or 100% chance to apply your nano.

Throw Blade - Your charge attack throws your weapon in a line/arch (guided by ark tech) in front of you damaging “x” targets

Heal Blade - Your charge attack throws your weapon in an line/arch in front of you, healing and/or restoring “x” target's shields. Instead of doing Damage your Jump attack heals and/or restores the shields of nearby allies.

Variables for attacks that can, and maybe should, be added in conjunction with the new and current charge blade type(s):

Shield Strength - the amount of damage absorbed by the shield before it dissipates and has to be re-toggled (could also be "% to charge ability")
Shield Duration - The length of time you can hold the charge (could also be "% to charge ability")
Rush Distance - The distance traveled from the charge point to the target (this could be coupled with range)
Throw Distance - Could be similar to the difference between a tele-spanner and the other BMGs (this could be coupled with range)
Number of Targets Hit by Throw - Similar to BMGs (this could be coupled with range, or "+ links")
Heal Amount from Throw - (If separate from overall heal - same reasoning as Charge DMG)
Heal Amount from Jump - (If separate from overall heal - same reasoning as Charge DMG)

**Last** A player should be able to dodge on command when they are using the normal swing attack.

09-06-2013, 06:33 PM
Have the blade be like a flower shaped strapped on shield looking thing put on the forearm, when you hit a button it'll blossom into a shield or sharpen into a sword =D

09-06-2013, 08:22 PM
I think there could be a movement bonus as well

09-06-2013, 08:26 PM
I think there could be a movement bonus as well

oh man, that's a no brainer, I can't believe I didn't think of that - good one :-)

09-06-2013, 08:30 PM
an attack while sprinting would work too. Skyrim has a nice system i'd love to see here too =)