View Full Version : I've seen some really stupid stuff...this is one of them

09-10-2013, 07:55 AM
I know this would be properly fitted into the Bugs section, but I like to know how much of what we post they actually care to read so I posted it here instead.

So I encountered a strange bug that one can actually force, if one wanted to. Enemies becoming invincible to the weapon you are using during minor (I have not checked this in a major yet) Dark Matter arkfall with matter extractors.

So this is what happens, if an enemy near death kills you while he is boosted by the green matter. If that enemy is able to fully regain his shield, he becomes a "ghost" to the last weapon you shot him with. Meaning, he can shoot you, but your shots will go right through him and hit whatever is behind him. The only remedies to this problem is to shoot him with your other weapon until he dies or another player will have to shoot him.

Found this bug getting some solo minor arkfalls, at first thought it was light lag unil I realized the shots were going through him. So I was able to get a 2nd solo DM Arkfall with extract., it happened again but I was paying attention to the events going on this time, and was able to force 3 DM enemies to "ghost" at the same time, by purposely dying while they were at low health. Now what makes this even stranger is, you cannot hit him directly with the last weapon you used, on him, but a nano effect can still trigger on him from another enemy. For instance, I had shock on one of my scatterguns, I wasn't able to get a hit on the "ghost" but was able to hit and have the nano effect trigger on the enemy next to him, which triggered and spread to the "ghost". I have nothing more to say about this, it's absurdity speaks for itself. Will post a video when I can get another solo arkfall on one of my home machines.