View Full Version : A Question about Balancing

09-11-2013, 05:27 PM
I remember when slightly overpowered weapons were part of an MMO. They were difficult to get and required a decent amount of gameplay to aquire, and once you had any of those, you had a Feeling of Pride in your accomplishments.
So here is my Question....

Why does everything HAVE to be perfectly Balanced < or as close to it as possible > to be in a game these days?

I don't believe MMO's are supposed to be balanced in such ways but rather slightly unbalanced with achieving stronger things something to work for, not Non Existent! Imho, Games that follow this "Slightly Unbalanced" style have the biggest player bases and the longest lasting players. < best retention > The most fun I have had playing Defiance was , after weeks of trying for hours everyday, finding a Slightly Overpowered weapon, then going back and Killing everything that had been killing me! Now all the weapons feel "Meh" at best. :(