View Full Version : Iron Demon Ranch Glitch...

Vox Animus
09-16-2013, 07:52 AM
Okay so I found this during a duel by accident.

I was using decoy on the roof of the farm house thing then I jumped down to distract the person I was duelling.. (Decoy is on the roof at this time.) then as I'm climbing the ladder and he's shooting me. I switch with my decoy. But oh no I don't switch

The game fricken "flies" me north completely out of the map.

But the duel didn't end so I was left outside the arena, and the guy inside couldn't come outside to find me so eventually he gave up and forfeit which was funny to watch tbh...

I found so many glitches by accident, shows how broken this game is. When are they actually going to fix some of them?