View Full Version : Still waiting for the mod video bug to be fixed.

09-16-2013, 11:28 AM
I've got an inventory full of leveled weapons that didn't get a decent mastery roll, or other weapons that I've since found better.
A lot of those weapons have mods on them that I'd like to retrieve.
But I can't, because they're syn mods on syn weapons, and the syn is now blank when I view them.

I'm not about to dump several dozen syn mods with no label on them into a big pool in my inventory where I cant see the syn and therefor cant use them to mod syn weapons.
Trion's own system restricts me from fixing 'mistakes' without costing tens of thousands in wasted scrip and mods.
Your own system leads me to being unable to re-use salvaged mods as things now stand. But since that leads to 'Let them buy more inventory slots' discussions, you're making it look like we're supposed to fix your issues by shoveling more money at temporary band-aids.

You broke it. Fix it.
You broke the mouse cursor display on Radeon and nVidia equipped PCs, requiring a restart every 20-30 minutes
It's getting old, Trion.
This is one reason you're losing people. We're getting tired of inept ham-fisted coding that then takes forever to be addressed while we play with broken stuff hoping you're going to get around to fixing something 'Soon' before the rest of our friends and clannies leave never to return.

Step up, or admit that our time is better spent elsewhere.