View Full Version : seriously call xbox support

09-21-2013, 04:00 PM
trion is ignoring every attempt I try to get a reply weather my broken game will ever be playable after getting season pass nothing works no arenas they disappeared chat social clans broke I cant access half my game content ive tried nicely to get a response and trion cant even tell me a simple yes were working on it or no your screwed I wanna know if ill ever be able to play my game I spent over 200 bux on and hundreds of hrs lvling I called xbox they were appaled they gave me free games a small refund and 7months gold but trion still does nothing xbox said they need everyone with a lagit issue to call them about the stuff trions doing so they can take matters into there hands the lack of customer support and ignoring us has xbox realy upset so call xbox itll well be worth it or else trion is gonna keep ignoring and taking your money months of having a game id just bought be totally unplayable and get no reply or answer from trion is criminal they should be ashamed so seriously xbox needs enough people to complain before they can take action so instead of whining here which will do no good call xbox and if spend a few mins on the phone you will be more then satisfied they'll straighten trion out or boot them

09-21-2013, 04:01 PM
Space out your bloody text next time.

Also, did you reset your main quest line?