View Full Version : Help w/ Not Entitled to Play/Password E-mail Error on log-in

04-02-2013, 04:17 AM
For those having an issue here, a couple things to know or check out....

1. First make sure you APPLY ALL CODES (Pre-Order, Edition, Basic, Tiered Reward, etc) on the Trion Web Site

2. When entering the Codes be careful, seems to be a lil glitch there that when you hit the space key after a copy paste (not sure about just typing it in) the keys shift and some get erased....ahhhh the wonders of a new release

3. As has been said before on the forum if all else fails try the password reset (not gonna go into this, its been covered Ad nauseam, just look).

4. Log in -For those that didnt see it, It says Game play starts today at 8am, others say they are on and playing..... not sure myself still patching here.

5. Servers seem to be down and up (from what I've read), so just keep this in mind people.