View Full Version : Trion: If you want me to buy the DLC pckg, add single mod swap w/o scrwng me.

10-08-2013, 05:35 PM
I don't want to have some stupid 'Only one mod swap / weapon' rule.
I don't want some stupid graduated/exponential/factorial cost boost / mod swap.

I'm not selling my soul, this isn't some contract with Lucifer where I have to put in 4,000 clauses to cover every detail in case there's an exploitable loophole.

Just give me an honest mod swap mechanic that lets me replace mods that have been *Altered By Trion Changing Parts*, erroneously added, or added because I COULDN'T SEE THE MOD SYN THROUGH THE FAULT OF A BUG ON YOUR PART on a reclaimed mod. Since I can't track my assets, they serve me little purpose and adding new just further muddles the mix. If I have to sweep out my inventory and start over - I'm gonna be smoke in the wind.

As it stands, my game, and the game of many other people too, is stalled because we can't reliably mod weapons with reclaimed parts, or because we want to up out game. The vets have a ton of time and assets invested, if we have to trash too much and be reduced to starting over, we're gonna leave without waving g'bye.

I'm not asking for purple and/or orange mods (where the hell are the purple/orange mods, anyway?). I just want to improve the weapons I already have with mods that already exist without trashing good assets because of a bad combination.

Right now, the only reasons I still play at all are because
A.) I want to be in a good position IF any DLCs MIGHT be worth considering,
B.) I want to level weapons for mastery bonus and mod my weapons.

So far both of those reasons are about run to zero. Like a lot of other people before me, If/When I leave and move on to another game - I'll just keep on moving and not look back.

10-09-2013, 12:25 AM
...I'll just keep on moving and not look back.

But before so, leave open gallon of milk in the closet and a can of open sardines in the vent.