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10-09-2013, 01:25 PM
For the past 2 weeks or so, I haven't been able to complete one single Major Arkfall without lagging out.
I know, first and foremost, that the Defiance servers are questionable at best, but EVERY single time??
I have a few other friends who play, who most, don't seem to have this issue at all, and the one who does hasn't experienced it nearly as often as I do.
Every time, it happens the same way...
Things are going fine, then usually the tell tale sign that it's about to happen, is either when I try and reload from an ammo box, or when I go to switch weapons.
Nothing happens. When I hit the start menu, my loadout screen has all the framework, but all my weapon, perk, and other slots are empty (black).
From there, it never recovers until I shut down and restart, or I critical error out.
I have a 30mb internet connection, w/ a new router, and all new cables.
I've also cleared the system cache on my Xbox multiple times before gameplay to no avail...
Again, this ONLY happens at Majors, never minors. I'm SO confused/frustrated as at this point in the stage of this game, chasing Arkfalls for keys in search of that ever elusive orange SAW that I dream about at night is all that's kept me on board.
Can somebody please, pretty please, offer me any helpful info on how to resolve this issue. As of last night at 11:43pm EST, I have officially lagged out of my 43'rd consecutive Major and am literally at my wits end...:(:(:(
Thanks in advance


Atticus Batman
10-09-2013, 01:35 PM
their are several solutions that can be offered. They work for some but not every one.

1: Reset modem/router

2: clear system cache (yee even consoles can do so)

3: port to a friend that isn't having that issue (they may be on a more stable shard)

4: if possible create a dedicated net port on your modem/router for whatever system you are using. (Not sure how to do so, was told it's possible normally though)

5: if possible keep atleast a couple gigs of free space available on your system. I have no proof but it seems that even on 360 it uses some of that free space as a sort of random memory booster when needed.