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10-15-2013, 04:00 AM
I started this game as soon as I was invited. I sent Trion Worlds my testing resume before there was even an application for Beta testing. I began when the first wave started. I was loyal to the game from day one. I played as much as possible, for a person that is self employed and likes to game in luxy hours, all throughout the testing and started a Clan on Prelaunch. I didn't start recruiting early, I wanted a lead point first. I only reached EGO level 650 before I took ill. I was in and out of hospitals since then (only a few episodes into the series) and was on bed rest when at home. I finally got my health back and started to get back into Defiance. First I caught up on the DVR'd episodes I still had not seen, then I was invited to test the first DLC and i did so. Now my health is even better and jumped back into the game, trying to remember the map, etc. I choose now to join a Clan that can help me catch up in the game as well as like minded. I'm an kid in the body of a man, so you can get the idea. Geek, Nerd, really any of those would due! I tend to have a rather filthy mouth as that's how I was brought up, so I wouldn't work well with a Clan that uses any Voice Chatting with a no-potty rule. Well thats the jist. I just broke into EGO level 711. If I never got ill I'm sure I'd be as close to 5k as anyone. But, oh well, I'm back and I wanna play, right? =)~ ;)

BTW I Haven't yet disbanded my empty clan.

10-15-2013, 04:10 AM
Dude you could keep your clan and just start recruiting again. I'll run with you.Im self employed as well and had a colorful non-exsisting childhood, thus creating a 38 year old kid.....wife loves it, lol. I only play at night when kids go to bed, well thats when my mic is in use. My toons name is Hannibal.