View Full Version : <Arkfall> Recruiting: Planned to be an excluse elite guild. Accepting all at first.

04-02-2013, 06:46 AM
Arkfall (EU) aims to be one of the first elite and exclusive guilds, will start out accepting all to get the numbers we need, and to move about the clan to fit the aim it has. All are welcome, including social players. We are looking for members with different interests as well as players aiming to be the elite.

There are no requirements as of yet as they will be filled as the guild grows to fit the members.

Also looking for 4 people interested in officer roles, must be friendly and use TS3.

Only requirement is that you have common sense and are friendly. :)

Can contact me in-game for more info:

Or you can contact me in TS3 by joining the server: arkfall.teamspeak3.com