View Full Version : Seeking Clan for PvE stuff (Maybe RP?)

10-25-2013, 09:00 PM
I'm a casual player.
Sometimes I may disappear for a couple of weeks. I may stop playing during a mission. My life and family takes priority over all things. Plus I don't get online every night. So I need a clan that will not drop me due to inactivity.

I do not contribute to PvP.
I don't like it. I get worked up and very anxious. I get more excited when I'm with someone and not against someone. Give me cooperative matches any day.

I am a complete-ist and a grateful giver.
I want to experience all the games content. I want all the achievements. So I will help those that help me. I feel that if someone takes the time to help me, then I owe him/her twice as much in return, especially if they are doing something over and over again to help me with an achievement. So I've always been a good supporter for guilds and clans.

I am a roleplayer.
Always have been. I know that this game wasn't designed with RP in mind so I'm not firm on this requirement.

Got an empty spot for me?
I hope I find a clan willing to take on such an oddball. I appreciate anyone that considers my application. I'll even help someone start a new clan.

10-29-2013, 12:14 AM
Still clanless myself, but I wanted to let you know that some (few) people use the Story / Lore forum for post-by-post RP, I've got a thread ready, just waiting for people to jump in. And if you want to kill stuff in-game sometime, my character's name is the same as my forum-name, Bakku.