View Full Version : I'm thinking of a shoutbox.

10-26-2013, 10:17 AM
I think a shout-box to the side of the forums posting section could be a fun way for some users to express their game play thoughts and other stuffs during a maintenance or just in the late hours of the night.
I used to have a forums site/page/thingy, Where we had what that page called a AJAX chat, or what most people know of it as a shout-box. A little live Instant messenger that held up to 100 or so messages or from within 48 hours.
It was super handy to have at times, and other times it was just dead. I think that would be a nice little addition to this forums. Cause personally making a forum post and the suspense of waiting for a reply can be agonizing :P

What do you; (you all in the community) think about a shout-box in here somewhere.